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HSA Select

Program Overview, Fees and Policies

HSA Select is the youth select soccer program for the Highline Soccer Association (HSA). We are a middle ground between premier and recreational soccer, providing a cost-effective alternative for the soccer experience that balances the commitment of time and money with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to play competitive soccer as well as compete in other sports at a high level.

Table of contents
1.0 Program overview
2.0 Fees
3.0 Policies and guidelines
3.1 Program fee refund policy
3.2 Late player addition policy
3.3 Tryout play up policy
3.4 Playing time guideline

1.0 Program Overview

HSA Select Committee
The select soccer program is administered by the HSA Select Committee, made up of representatives from HSA Clubs.

Head coaches
Head coaches are selected through an application process that opens in January. The coaching slate is typically announced by March.

Tryouts are held in February (HS Boys teams) and May (all other teams). Teams are formed on Birth Year. Please visit our Tryout Page and Select Soccer Calendar for more information. Players can be added to team rosters following tryouts on a space-available basis. To inquire, please contact the age group head coach.

Team training
HSA Select team training will be held two times per week for 1.5 hours, starting in June. Times and locations are subject to change during the program year.

Goalkeeper instruction
Goalkeepers will receive a limited amount of training by Highline Premier FC staff. The details for this training will be shared when the select year begins.

League (NPSL)
HSA Select teams play in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL).

  • Fall season (September – December) consists of 12 matches played on weekends against other select clubs in the region.
  • Note: for Girls U15 (8th Graders) - there is an optional half season in the fall. Extra fee.
  • High School Girls teams (U-15 and older) play a winter season (December – March).
  • Spring season (optional, extra fee) is available for younger teams. No practice fields are provided.

HSA Select teams are encouraged to play in a minimum of one summer tournament and the Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) State Cup (Founders Cup or Presidents Cup). State Cup entry is paid by the program and each team is allocated a tournament credit which covers approximately two summer tournaments. For teams desiring additional tournaments, team fees may be collected separately to cover the cost. Note: most teams participate in WYS Founders Cup (January); Girls U15 and older teams participate in WYS Presidents Cup (April).

The ‘basic kit’ includes two numbered jerseys (home and away), two game shorts, two game socks, and practice jersey. Teams may opt to purchase warm-up jacket and pants, additional practice jersey, backpack, player apparel and other team equipment. All players will be required to purchase the basic kit using the team E-Store.

HSA Select teams will train within the HSA boundaries, from West Seattle south to Burien/SeaTac. Locations will vary based upon seasonal access. During the year, around 80% of the training will be on turf fields (to have a high quality surface for instruction) and 20% will be on grass (to acclimate our players to the reality of the varying surfaces on which they must compete).

2.0 Fees (2024-2025 season)

  • Tryout fee: $10 (no refunds)
  • Program fee: $500 (payment plan available)
  • Financial assistance is available for the Program fee only. Applications are due by May 31 each season.
  • Uniform kit: $154 + shipping & tax (2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 1 practice shirt)
  • Team fees: $100-$300 (estimated)

What is included in the Program Fees?

  • Goalkeeper training (limited)
  • Practice and game fields
  • Referees and insurance
  • $1,200 Tournament credit per team (approximately 2 tournaments)
  • State Cup Entry (Founders Cup / Presidents Cup)
  • Fall league registration
  • 3 match balls per team, coach apparel and miscellaneous equipment
  • Program administration

What is included in the Team Fees?
Select coaches develop a team budget prior to tryouts. Items that may be part of the Team Fees include:

  • Extra tournaments
  • Team trainer or camp
  • Team equipment (bench, canopy, etc.)
  • Practice balls
  • Kit extras – jacket, pants, backpack, extra practice shirt

HSA Select practice ball (size 4 and 5)

  • HSA Select branded ball is available for purchase (limited supply)
  • Teams may opt to purchase extra balls as part of team fee

3.0 Policies and guidelines

3.1 Program Fee Refund Policy
The HSA Select Program Fee is $500. The commitment fee ($200) is non-refundable.

Requests for a refund received by:

  • End of June, refund is $300
  • End of July, refund is $200
  • End of August, refund is $100
  • Beginning September 1, no refunds given.

Requests must be made to HSA Select at [email protected].

3.2 Late Player Addition Policy

  • Through July, fee is $500
  • After August 1, fee is $400
  • After fall league concludes (picking up player for State Cup), contact the HSA Select Committee at [email protected].

3.3 Tryout Play Up Policy
Player development is best served by playing at age. For those players capable of playing up on an older team, HSA Select has the following process:

  • ALL players register for tryouts in their birth-year age group.
  • NEW players must try out in their birth-year age group.
    • If a NEW player wants to be considered for an older age group, they must inform the HSA Select Committee at [email protected].
  • RETURNING players, who played up the previous year, must inform the HSA Select Committee at [email protected] and receive approval from the older age-group coach to be moved up to that age group.
  • The HSA Select DOC (or HSA Select Committee rep) will evaluate play-up opportunities during tryouts
    • If a player is identified, a committee rep will have a conversation with the player and parents, and ask if they want to try out at an older age group
    • If they agree, they are moved to the older age group immediately (if tryouts are held concurrently), or at the next tryout for that age group
  • HSA Select reserves the right to make final decisions regarding approval of all play-up requests
  • In order to qualify for a skill-based play-up within HSA Select, players must be capable of being a starting player on the older birth year team as determined by HSA Select

Contact us for more information at [email protected].

3.4 Playing Time Guideline
HSA's Select Program is designed to develop the skills, technique and soccer IQ of all its Select players, while at the same time creating an opportunity for teams to compete at a more competitive level of soccer. To achieve this aim, HSA Select has approved a minimum playing time guideline to assist in this endeavor.

  1. For teams aged U12 and younger (playing 9 v 9), coaches should play each player a minimum of 50% of the game time for each league game and 35% during each tournament (not per game).
  2. For teams aged U13 and older (playing 11 v 11), coaches should play each player a minimum of 35% of the game time for each league game and 35% during each tournament (not per game).
  3. As set forth in items (1) and (2), above, each player who has consistently attended all practice sessions during the weeks prior to a game or tournament should play the minimum amount of each game and/or tournament, within reasonable expectations of a coach’s ability to track play time and substitute players.
  4. Coaches do have the right to hold out players due to missed practices, injury, illness, or disciplinary action. It is the coach’s responsibility to inform the player's parent(s) before each game and/or tournament if a player is not playing or will be playing less than the minimum amount due to missed practices or disciplinary action.
  5. Maximum playing time is at the coach’s discretion. A coach may choose to play individual players as much as the whole game, while other players may only play the minimum amount per game. Players are not guaranteed their desired position--coaches can choose to use players in positions that they feel best benefits the team.
  6. Although the Select Committee has agreed to these minimum playing time guidelines, the Committee strongly encourages that the Coaches still play each player 50% of each game.


HSA Select
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